And here it is:

So you’re ready to give your first blowjob…okay, go somewhere else.

So you want to experiment with deepthroating a cock…no, this isn’t for you.

So you want to give a mindblowing, toe curling, dick owning, ball draining, cock worshiping like-your-life-depended-on-it blowjob…

Didn’t read the whole way through because I’m fairly enough of an expert myself, but I’d like to add that a lot of the best tips on sucking cock come from gay men - who knows cock better than someone who has one? Switching up between the styles is also an excellent way to go ;)
And one tip for starters with strong gag reflexes…er, you don’t have to make yourself vomit haha
You can rub the back of your tongue until you feel yourself gag, stop, then repeat the process. Do this every day in your usual lollygagging (heh) time and within the week you’ll feel a huge difference huehuehuehue
And don’t forget about anatomy…the frenulum is typically a sweet spot, don’t neglect the balls, try little twists and spins and squeezing your throat the way you squeeze your Kegel muscles (yes, you too can master the way of being a classic hentai fellatio doll) 

But most importantly PUT SOME SOUL INTO IT!

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